Founder & CEO

Massimo Scialò

Since 1996, Massimo Scialò has been the director at Eurotime Italy and SCL Initiatives France, companies specialising in events and marketing.

In 2002
, he started his career as general manager, human resources manager and start-up strategy director for several communication companies in Europe and North America, focusing on business planning and growth. Since 2010 he has been increasingly involved in financial management and mergers and acquisitions on behalf of international companies. Since 2015, he has been involved in multiple business projects on behalf of partner companies and in developing a network of productive cooperation by crossing the needs of different sectors and industries.   He specialises in the areas of marketing and communication strategy for international companies.

Eleonora Conti

Administrative Coordinator

Irina Yuritsyna

Office Manager

Yury Houzbit

Administrative Coordinator

Ilaria de Andreis

Project Manager

Leandro Chierico

Logistics Manager

Irina Lumpova

Art Director