Granducato di Bracciano

The goal is not just to visit an area, but to fully experience its atmosphere and history. More and more tourists are focusing on immersive stays, capable of giving them a 360-degree experience in the place they choose as their vacation destination. So in recent years alongside traditional destinations are increasingly finding space for some lesser-known but definitely appealing locations, areas on which it becomes extremely interesting to invest. This is the case, for example, of Bracciano, where a new business project aims precisely at enhancing this vocation of the area.

It is Granducato di Bracciano, an integrated reception plan that combines catering and tourist accommodation with real estate investment. Inside the medieval walls of the village – at the basis of the famous Orsini Odescalchi Castle – will be 12 luxury suites, a Boutique Resort with swimming pool, a typical trattoria, a gourmet restaurant, a wine bar with bistro and a Champagne & D.J. Bar. “The idea is to give patrons the chance to immerse themselves in the life of the village of Bracciano without having to give up the services offered by a luxury hotel,” explains Massimo Scial√≤, director of Eurotime Italia, the company that through its subsidiary Eurotime Horeca, is managing the project, stressing that the latter represents “an excellent opportunity not only for those who intend to invest in it directly but also for the entire territory, which will see its tourism potential maximized.”

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